How to Maintain the Quality of Your Crocodile Leather Wallet




So you have bought an expensive crocodile wallet? Very well. What you should now do is to maintain its quality. If you don’t, you risk ending up with a torn, moldy or shapeless leather wallet.

But just how do you maintain a crocodile wallet? The following are some of the ways to take care of your crocodile wallet:


If you have been using your crocodile wallet for some time, it is important that you refurbish it to give it a new look. That way, you will be able to maintain its quality and also save on the cost of buying a brand new wallet.

Look out for the plague and stains that often discolor your leather wallet after a prolonged period of use. Clean these using the right cleanser and not just any other detergent that may leave behind oils and residue. When softening and lubricating the leather, avoid products with high mineral or petroleum oil content.

Giving the Crocodile Leather Surface a Sparkle

Getting rid of stains in your crocodile leather surface is the beginning of giving it a sparkle. Using an eraser, slowly rub into the surface to clear the dirt. Follow it up by wiping the surface with a soft cloth. This will keep the sparkle in your wallet. Even your acquaintances and friends will not help but take notice of it.

There are some types of cement which contain coloring chemicals. Don’t use these to rub the surface of your crocodile wallet. Apart from damaging the natural color of your wallet, they will cause clogs in the pores of the leather thus denying it the ability to breathe.

Proper Use

The way you use your wallet also matters. One of the things you shouldn’t do is put a lot of money or pieces of paper in doing that will only leave the crocodile leather distended thus making it lose its stitches and original shape. You wouldn’t like the look of your wallet.

Seemingly harmless habits like keeping old receipts in your wallet are the major culprit when it comes to making it shapeless. If you are not careful, the large-sized cards can cause cracks and stains on the crocodile leather surface after a very short time of use.

Proper Storage of the Crocodile Wallet

Whether you are using your wallet or keeping it at home, it is important that you store it in a proper way. Crocodile leather naturally retains some amount of water even after processing. If you store it in a humid or moist place, the leather will become brittle and, therefore, end up breaking easily. Keeping your wallet on the floor is a no-no. if you do, the crocodile leather will attract bacteria which may decompose it. You can tell there is a big problem when your wallet develops a certain unwanted smell.

When not in use, your wallet should be stored in a plastic box which should then be stored in a termite-free place. Also, avoid putting heavy objects on your wallet.

Take good care of your crocodile wallet and it will serve you for years to come.