How to pair your jewellery with your outfit?




“Jewellery is like a perfect spice. It always compliments what’s already there.” Whether it is a wedding or an office event or if you have a little hangout plan with friends, you can complete your look with beautiful trinkets pieces. From cuff bracelets to cocktail rings, there are a wide range of jewellery pieces available in the market.  Well an ideal piece of jewellery can make a simple dress look startling, while improper use can create an imbalance which may look odd. So here are some tips which will help you pair your jewellery in a right way with your outfit.

 Avoid making it a mess:

If you want to wear bold statement pieces, let them stick out. Do not mess it by using everything all together. Especially, when you have to go professional, be subtle and elegant. If you want to pair it, make sure that you opt for items that must compliments each other when worn together. For example, bib necklaces and wide chokers can be paired really well. With chandelier earrings, you can enhance your look with a matching cuff bracelet.  A long necklace can be rightly paired with a cocktail ring. Ensure that the type of metal in the accessories is either same or of a similar colour so as to avoid imbalance.

Make sure your earrings match well with your body features and your hairstyle:


Earrings are one of the most important of the everyday accessories. You can embrace a simple dress with a bold piece of earrings. As it is one of the first things people notice, make sure that it suits right with your face type.  While opting dangly statement earrings, ensure that your hair looks glossy and shiny.  For loose and wavy hair, large earrings are the best option.

What about neckline?

By getting account of your neckline, you can simply get the necklace which suits you the most. The dresses with collars and detailing near the face would not let the necklace stand out and will clash with it. So instead of them, you can go for off the shoulder, strapless dresses can work better with statement necklaces. Also, if you are going professional, you can add pastels colours to your wardrobe.  If you are wearing black, go with nude or white tones with spray necklaces, a chambray shirt can be a perfect pair. You can go for a multilayered necklace for a chic style.


Don’t forget your hands:

Rings can help you bring out your style and are really eye catching. However, ensure that your nails are clean. However, if you have put on glossy nail paint, avoid using rings with vibrant colours as it will give a chunky look.

You may have heard the quote “fashion is about how you feel about yourself”. So bring the inner you with amazing jewellery designed by expert fashion jewelry designers. You can get some beautiful jewellery pieces that suits your personality or for a special occasion or for everyday use to feel unique and confident.  Have fun with simple but amazing jewellery with a wide range of designs available here.